There is an opportunity for a talented and motivated postdoctoral researcher to join our effort on superconducting single-photon detectors:

The closing date is 11th September 2016

Our work with the University of Cambridge is published in the latest issue  of Optics Express:

Li et al. Nano-optical single-photon response mapping of waveguide integrated molybdenum silicide (MoSi) superconducting nanowires Optics Express 24 (13) 13931 (2016)

Open Access Paper


Quantum Sensors Group members attended the British Council Researcher Links workshop on Superconductor-Based Sensors and Quantum Technologies in Moscow, Russia, hosted by Professor Gregory Gol’tsman at Moscow State Pedagogical University.



Pictured: Robert Kirkwood, Gavin Orchin, Robert Hadfield, Umberto Nasti and Kleanthis Erotokritou in Moscow.

SBS-QT Workshop Website


Work in collaboration with the University of Bristol

J. Wang et al. Quantum photonic interconnect by path-polarization interconversion Optica 3 (4) 407 (2016)

Open Access Paper


Superconducting Devices in Quantum Optics

Book cover hi res

Just published as part of the Springer Quantum Science and Technology Series

Link to Book

Our work with CNR Naples

A. Casaburi et al. ‘Experimental evidence of photoinduced vortex crossing in current carrying superconducting strips’ Physical Review B 92 214512 (2015)

Physical Review B paper


Our work with colleagues at the University of Glasgow

R. S. Aspden et al. ‘Photon sparse microscopy: visible light imaging with infrared illuminationOptica 2 1049 (2015)

Optica paper

Optica paper


Our work in collaboration with Stanford University

L. Yu et al.Two-photon interference at telecom wavelengths for time-bin-encoded single photons from quantum dot spin qubits’ Nature Communications 6 8955 (2015)

Nature Communications paper

nat comms

Our work in collaboration with the University of Cambridge

D. Bosworth et al. ‘Amorphous molybedenum silicon amorphous superconducting thin films AIP Advances 5 087106 (2015)

AIP Advances paper

AIP advances

Two fully funded PhD scholarships for EU Citizens are available for 1st October 2015 start.  Candidates who wish to be considered should send a CV and contact details for two referees to Professor Robert Hadfield (Email: by Tuesday 1st September 2015.


  1. Infrared superconducting single-photon detector arrays
  2. Advanced infrared photon counting applications

Full Project Details

These projects are funded through the European Research Council Consolidator Grant IRIS Infrared imaging and sensing: the single photon frontier.  These projects are closely aligned to the QuantIC Quantum Imaging Hub, led by the University of Glasgow.