Our work with CNR Naples

A. Casaburi et al. ‘Experimental evidence of photoinduced vortex crossing in current carrying superconducting strips’ Physical Review B 92 214512 (2015)

Physical Review B paper


Our work with colleagues at the University of Glasgow

R. S. Aspden et al. ‘Photon sparse microscopy: visible light imaging with infrared illuminationOptica 2 1049 (2015)

Optica paper

Optica paper


Our work in collaboration with Stanford University

L. Yu et al.Two-photon interference at telecom wavelengths for time-bin-encoded single photons from quantum dot spin qubits’ Nature Communications 6 8955 (2015)

Nature Communications paper

nat comms

Our work in collaboration with the University of Cambridge

D. Bosworth et al. ‘Amorphous molybedenum silicon amorphous superconducting thin films AIP Advances 5 087106 (2015)

AIP Advances paper

AIP advances