Our work with NICT Japan

Miki et al. Superconducting coincidence photon detector with short timing jitter Applied Physics Letters 122 262611 (2018)

Open Access Applied Physics Letter


Our first publication in OSA’s Optics Materials Express

Banerjee et al. Optical properties of refractory metal based thin films Optics Materials Express 8 2072 (2018)

Open Access Optics Materials Express




Very proud to announce that our topical review ‘Superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors: physics and applications’ has been selected for the Superconductor Science and Technology 30th Anniversary collection.  It is the most cited SUST paper published in 2012 and has been downloaded more than 27,000 times!

SUST 30th Anniversary

Topical review by Chandra Mouli Natarajan

Quantum Sensors group members participated in the Electronics & Nanoscale Engineering Division Away Day, held on 18th June at The Lighthouse in the centre of Glasgow.  Well done to all PhD students who gave talks and especially Koran Jackson who won a prize!

Very pleased to welcome colleagues and visitors to our labs for the School of Engineering Open Doors Day!

An improved setup for singlet oxygen luminescence detection, carried out with out collaborators at NICT Japan.

K Tsimvrakidis et al Enhanced optics for time-resolved singlet oxygen luminescence detection IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics (early access)

Open Access Paper

Very proud to be a member of the European Space Agency SpaceQUEST topical team.  The Mission Proposal is just published!

SK Joshi et al Space QUEST mission proposal: experimentally testing decoherence due to gravity New Journal of Physics (accepted manuscript)

Open Access Paper

Physics World news article

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Alessandro Casaburi et al. Integrated Joule switches for control of current dynamics in superconducting parallel superconducting strips Superconductor Science and Technology 31 06LT01

Work carried out with our colleagues at AIST, Tsukuba, Japan and CNR Naples, Italy

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